Halt Trade Examples

The first example below is a perfect example of the value that Halt Trade Alert provides. If you had received the Halt Trade Alert for his real time, how would you have assessed the situation and what trade would you have made?

Halts happen several times a day. Will you be alerted and ready to seize an opportunity?

Example Below: VTGN on 8/7/23

  • T1 Halt Trade Alert at 8:25 am (Halt Code T1 = News Pending)
  • At 8:31 am the Press Release news catalyst of a successful Phase 3 clinical trial of their drug was issused
  • Trading resumed at 9:00 am with Stock Price at approximately $2.04
  • Stock price reached $57.97 in 22 minutes

Example Below: APM on 3/6/24

  • Halt Trade Alert sent at 7:55 am (Code was T1 = News Pending
  • At 8:00 am news catalyst released of a merger agreement
  • At 8:30 am trading resumed with a Stock Price of $1.87
  • Stock price reached $17.49 at 11:51 am

Example Below: SDC on 9/29/23

  • T1 Halt Trade Alert at 6:22 pm (Halt Code T1 = News Pending)
  • At 6:31 pm the Press Release news catalyst of a Ch 11 Bankruptcy Filing was issued
  •  Trading resumed at 7:00 pm with Stock Price at approximately $0.3850
  • Stock price reached $0.1210 in 9 minutes (7:09 pm)
  • Bounced back to $0.1950 in 19 minutes (7:28 pm)

Example Below: TPST on 10/11/23

  • LUDP Halt Trade Alert at 9:30 am with stock price at $2.13 (Halt Code LUDP = Volatility Trading Pause)
  • TPST halted a total of 46 times that day due to volatility
  •  Stock price peaked at $11.50 at market close (4:00 pm EST)

Example Below: EYPT on 12/4/23

  • T1 Halt Alert Text at 6:55 am with stock price at $6.51 (Halt Code T1 = News Pending)
  • Press Release is issued at 7:00 am announcing Clinical Trial Results.
  •  Stock price peaked at $34.75 in 25 minutes.

Halt Trade Alerts happen several times a day.  We will continue to add more examples on this page over time.