About Us

We created this Halt Trade Alert system with the busy day trader in mind.

The team that created Halt Trade Alert are day traders that know that they cannot watch the stock market closely from their computer workstations all day (4:00 am EST to 8:00 pm EST).  The team found that as they continued about their day that took them away from their computer workstations (e.g. drop the kids off at school, go to the gym, go to the grocery store, etc.), they would miss clear trading opportunities that presented themselves.  And a key primary trading opportunity is assessing a trade market halt.  So we created this patent pending alert system to send an SMS text message and/or e-mail message to quickly alert the team real time when a trade halt has been issued.  And as the team found the value in this system, we decided to extend the system to the public and all of our members.

Once the Halt Trade Alert has been issued, it is up to the trader to assess the Halt Code, news/catalyst, stock price action, technical analysis, etc. so that they can make the best informed trade. 

Our members have overwhelming asked for our website, services and patent pending software system to be a no fluff, no  extras, no muss, no fuss system.  The day traders that subscribe to our platfowm have told us that they simply want the alert, and that they will take it from there.  We listen to our customers and we always welcome feedback to provide our customers the best service possible.