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Now we provide FREE real time news catalyst alerts!

Our platform was built to support busy day traders that know the value of real time Halt Trade Alerts so that they can make a profit.
And we’ve built a community to discuss Halt Trade strategies, education, and general camaraderie / support.

Our patent pending AI developed software platform will deliver real time Halt alerts to you faster than SMS Texts or E-mails. 

We have a vested interest in our members being succesful…so that you’ll keep coming back to us !

Unlimited Discord Alerts

$ 5.95
/ Monthly
  • Unlimited Discord Alerts
  • Access to the Dicsord Community
  • 2 Week Free Trial
  • Faster than SMS Text or E-mail !!!
  • Receive alerts on your phone just like an SMS Text by turning on notifications.
  • Now has FREE real time news catalyst alerts !!! This is a very useful tool for profitable trading !!!

E-mail Alert
FREE 1 Week Trial!
(US and Outside US)

Unlimited E-mail Alerts

$ 6.95
/ Monthly
  • Unlimited E-mail Alerts
  • Free Access to the Discord Community and Discord Alerts
  • 1 Week Free Trial
  • NOTE: We send E-mail Alerts to your e-mail server immediately, but the speed at which you receive them will depend on your e-mail server and your phone's push/fetch settings.

This VTGN run is a perfect example and is the reason why we formed these Halt Trade Alerts.  Our team missed this opportunity because we didn’t get a Halt Alert…so we built this company to make sure that we would not miss similar opportunities in the future.  Even catching just one of these a year makes it all worth while.  (see more examples on our “Halt Trade Examples” webpage)

Here’s an example of the Discord Channel for ONLY the Halt Alerts.  No discussions are allowed on this specific channel so that you aren’t getting alerts on your phone for every comment.   Turn on your phone and discord channel notifications to receive the halt alert just like you would receive an SMS text.  Other Discord channels in the community are for discussions (e.g. Halt Trading Strategies, education, general topics, etc.) which you can adjust your notifications as you want.

Here is an example of the Halt Trade Alert System combined with the free real times news feeds on the Discord.  A Halt Trade Alert was sent to our members for IOVA at 2:56 pm (Code T1 which means News Pending).  Then the Discord free real time news feed captured the Press Release (PR) and alerted our members at 3:21 pm.  The news was FDA approval.  Trading resumed at 3:40 pm with a stock price of approximately $9.61 and went up approximately 33% after hours.  A few days later on 2/27/24 it was at $17.47.

Common Questions

All members (US and Outside US) can choose to receive alerts by Discord or E-mail.   Our recommendation is Discord based on price and speed of the Alert delivery.  E-mail alerts can take longer to reach you depending on your e-mail server and your phone settings (e.g. fetch vs push).

Our team and members are serious day traders and have asked that they recieve alerts starting at 6:00 am EST and ending at 8:00 pm EST.  If you wish to turn off the notifications for the Halt Alerts at any time, you can do so from your phone settings or from the Discord app channel settings.

In short, it is likely that this company is a recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) merger.  The Halt Trade Alert patent pending software pulls data from the market, performs a calculation for the relative volume by taking the current volume divided by the average volume.  However, a recent IPO or SPAC merger does not have previous volume data so there is no average volume to perform the calcuation.  So the alert specifies a Relative Volume of 0.0 in this case.  This also means that the Shares Float or Market Capitalization might not be definitive at the time of the alert.  We recommend that once you receive the Halt Trade Alert, then you asses the stock information from your favorite broker / trading platform for you to make your informed trade decision.

Of course.  We’re happy to help all of our members. Please reach out to us from our contact page seen in the main menu at the top of the website page.

Yes, aboslutely.  Please reach out to us from our contact page seen in the main menu at the top of the website page.

To cancel your membership subsciption and to stop receiving halt trade alerts, login to your account from the main menu and cancel your subsciption.  Or you can contact us to assist with your cancelation.

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